Wednesdays With Women In Kidmin

13 Feb
Wednesdays with Women in Kidmin is about bringing together some of the leading 
women in children’s ministry to share their knowledge and passion. 
For us to gather and learn from each other…to sharpen each other.

As iron sharpens iron,
so a friend sharpens a friend.
Proverbs 27:17

For the past few months several incredible women in Children’s Ministry 
have shared their hearts here on topics from leadership to motherhood.
You can read all of them here:
Women In Kidmin.

I am in the process of gathering another group of women
to add to the conversation and I need your help.

If you could sit across the table from another woman in ministry 
over coffee and could ask her anything, what would you ask?

Share your questions in the comments below.



One Response to “Wednesdays With Women In Kidmin”

  1. Jennifer Peterson February 13, 2013 at 5:20 pm #

    I have a group of senior girls I know they aren't kids, but I love reading all the tips and advice you post on your blog:)

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