What I’m Reading

3 Aug

I am doing this series on Wednesdays that will give me an opportunity to share what I am reading. This may vary from week to week as I tend to read multiple books at a time.

There are certain books in my children’s ministry library that I pull out and reread on a regular basis. 
Volunteers that Stick by Jim Wideman is one of those books for sure.

In chapter five Jim discusses what it means to recruit volunteers like Jesus did. He states that “Jesus never soft-pedaled what it would be like to volunteer in his traveling ministry. It was always a life-changing, lifelong commitment.”

He shared these fifteen recruitment principles and practices that Jesus used in his ministry that they have adopted into their children’s ministry with great success.
  1. Jesus demonstrated enthusiasm.
  2. Jesus recruited by vision.
  3. Jesus walked the talk.
  4. Jesus made everything a matter of prayer-including recruitment.
  5. Jesus took his time to fill the roster.
  6. Jesus instituted a draft.
  7. Jesus seized opportunites.
  8. Jesus talked about rewards.
  9. Jesus required commitment, not just sacrifice.
  10. Jesus went after good people.
  11. Jesus let his volunteers do recruiting.
  12. Jesus demonstrated how to do ministry.
  13. Jesus coached and corrected volunteers.
  14. Jesus expected results.
  15. Jesus entered into a relationship with his volunteers.
Jim goes into much more detail of each principle in the book and I highly recommend that you read this book to find out more about them.

The one that really convicted me as I read it was number 4. Yes I want people to join our team, but am I really making it a priority to be in prayer for those that will come? Am I praying enough for God appointments to meet and talk more with potential volunteers?

What are you reading right now?

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